To our valued customers,

It is with deep sadness that the Davis Airporter LLC is announcing the cessation of operations effective Friday April 26th 2024 at the end of the working day.

We are proud to have served Davis & the surrounding areas for over 30 years as a small, locally owned business. Unfortunately due to a convergence of reasons stemming from both financial and recent difficult life events among the key operators it is no longer possible to operate the business. Delaying action any longer would only make the situation worse.

We intend to provide service for reservations through Friday April 26th 2024, but we will not be able to serve any reservations booked for dates beyond and will not be booking new reservations effective immediately.

We are currently evaluating liquidation options and if at all possible consumer deposits will be honored, however this process will take some time.

We appreciate the loyal customers who have stuck by us in spite of the recent market shifts in the door-to-door transportation industry. Our business has always relied heavily on the enthusiasm of our repeat customers, and we are saddened to not be able to serve them any longer.

Thank you, Davis Airporter LLC